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NX Corporation: Corporate Name Change

NX's 10th Anniversary


Operating smart building factories in each of the 344 buildings, totaling approximately 17,000 smart devices based on IoT technology.

Carrying out energy efficiency projects in 10 universities including Dongseo University, Dong-eui University, and Daejin University.

Executing smart city and energy efficiency projects for cities and counties such as Ulsan City.

Commendation from the Minister of Industry, Trade, and Resources.

Successfully securing Series B investment.


Awarded a contract for a smart city project by the West Bengal Urban Development Corporation in India.

Executed an IoT Smart Campus project at Gwangju University.

Achieved GS Certification Grade 1.

Attained Technology Evaluation Rating T3.

Selected for a venture startup innovation procurement item.

Successfully secured Pre-Series B investment.


Signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with the Indian government.

Launched the AI autonomous driving smart building/factory solution enbrix.

Successfully secured Series A round of investment.


Awarded the Prime Minister's Prize.

Won the Digital Innovation Award in the ICT sector.

Received the Ulsan Metropolitan City Mayor's Award.

Selected as K+ Champ.


Received the Small and Medium Business Administration Commissioner's Award.

Awarded the Korea IT Business Promotion Association President's Award.

Honored with the Ministry of Future Planning and Science Minister's Award (K-Start Up).

Selected for the Ministry of Future Planning and Science K-ICT Global 300.

Achieved the Grand Prize in the National Technology Competition.