NX is shaping a new era of
energy experience.


NX는 선한 영향력으로
이로운 세상을 만들어 갑니다.

We lead towards a brighter future through positive impact.

We go beyond the conventional energy paradigm to innovate the world's energy, illuminating brightness and hope everywhere. This innovative change lays the foundation for individuals and communities to lead better lives, preserve the environment, and achieve economic prosperity. NX realizes its positive influence and leads the way for a sustainable and bright future.


NX가 선사하는
새로운 에너지 경험을 향하여.


"New Energy Experience" is NX's vision. It showcases NX's efforts to transcend conventional energy usage methods, ushering in a new era of energy experience for individuals and society. This signifies NX's commitment to creating a more sustainable future by crafting better energy experiences in our daily lives.

Core Values

These are the principles and standards that all members of NX pursue to achieve the mission and vision.


創意 :

Think innovatively to change paradigms.

We strive for continuous innovation, constantly seeking new ideas and solutions beyond traditional thinking.


革新 :

Create new value by shedding old practices.

Innovation is akin to "putting on new skin." We discard outdated customs and methods, embracing creative thinking and technology to don the skin of new possibilities, taking bold steps towards the future. Through such innovation, NX leads the industry and continues to grow and evolve.


責任 :

Put heart into every decision and action.

Responsibility is our commitment to every action and decision. From the beginning to the completion of every project, we take responsibility for the process and results, building trust and excellence.


尊重 :

Accept and respect each other's differences.

Respect leads our work through accepting each other's differences and showing deep reverence for colleagues, customers, and the world.