Net Zero Pathway

NX provides the most effective and sustainable customized solutions for customers to achieve Net Zero.

A New Approach to Energy

Utilizing AI, we implement continuous energy optimization throughout the lifecycle.

NX's Energy Optimization

NX's energy optimization technology focuses on maximizing the energy efficiency of buildings and minimizing environmental footprint while enhancing building value through advanced approaches. This technology is applicable to all types of buildings, including offices, factories, and warehouses, optimizing energy use and enabling continuous management and improvement throughout the lifecycle.

What is the target of this optimization?

It applies to all buildings that consume energy.
Energy optimization is applied not only to commercial buildings such as offices, factories, and warehouses but also to all buildings including stores and homes.

How is it achieved?

Through innovative technological approaches
Using the enbrix platform, we collect and analyze energy usage data in real-time. Based on this data, we optimize energy efficiency through tailored control of equipment and devices.

Green Remodeling
NX enhances the energy efficiency of buildings and achieves customized energy optimization throughout their lifecycle through green remodeling. This initiative introduces renewable energy and energy-saving equipment and manages them using AI and data analysis, thereby reducing energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions while increasing building value.

Why is it important?

Energy Usage Optimization
It creates a sustainable environment by reducing energy consumption, lowering operating costs, and efficiently managing resources.

Increase in Building Value
Highly energy-efficient buildings reduce maintenance costs and increase economic value in the long term, serving as a crucial factor in raising property value.

Reduction of Carbon Emissions
Through advanced energy management systems, it reduces greenhouse gas emissions and actively responds to global warming and climate change.

The Path to a Sustainable Future

Pathway to building a sustainable future

By optimizing energy consumption and maximizing the value of buildings while contributing to environmental protection, we exert positive influence and work towards realizing a sustainable future.

Real-time Energy Monitoring

We utilize AI to monitor energy usage in real-time, enabling us to accurately understand energy consumption patterns and recommend optimal usage patterns for achieving energy efficiency.

Big Data Analysis-based Energy Optimization

Our system operates based on big data analysis to optimize energy usage. Through trends and predictive analysis of energy usage, we propose and implement energy-saving measures.

Renewable Energy Production

NX builds and manages communities for renewable energy production, connecting individual producers and consumers to foster a sustainable energy ecosystem through smart grids.

Power Supply and Trading Utilizing Energy Storage Systems (ESS)

Through energy storage systems (ESS), NX plays an efficient role in power supply and participates in the power trading market. This helps balance energy supply and demand and builds a more efficient energy ecosystem.

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